Enduring Kooralbyn Friendships.

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How rare the few who go through life and at the end of it claim to have made one true and trusted friend. Am wondering if I’ve found the genesis of one in the guise of Maisie from the local IGA store. You’ll remember how the future PM sourced these small stores for voter opinions, but it seems a sadist controls pain-lovers and therefore lies a dilemma; trust an IGA contact or not. I’ll just keep the shit detector tuned.

In the few brief moments Maisie and I had before another customer interrupted our deep and earnest conversations, many topics were covered in a minute or so and one tended to over-talk the other for the all-important last word. In the nicest way, Maisie referred to my opinionated stance. I could live with ‘conceitedly assertive,’ after allowing too much sand in face for the sake of tolerance.

Had she felt compelled to use SELF-opinionated however, I might have succumbed to gloom for a minute or two, and who could blame me. The PC dictionary describes such a person as, ‘having an arrogantly high regard for one’s own opinion.’ That would put me in the Australian Liberal’s Cabinet and clearly, those who credit me an above average IQ, would rather I avoid that collection of Ruling Class jackals.

About that time, my disgust of the perjurer, Murdoch, and the flouting of his criminal staffers led me to quit buying his morning product and my IGA visits diminished to nil. On an annual basis, that $10 a week paper money equates to $520, so I’ve spread some small joy to others.



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