Buttrose. Extract from http://wp.me/pReYN-5xu

Ditto the Buttrose woman who won prominence in the early Eighties by likening the STD aids to a lethal bowling game featuring hooded devils. She urges oldies to relinquish their driver’s licenses, not help retain them. That the 80′s advertising campaign supposedly won gay mugs into safe sex practices is a moot point, instilled gay-hate into small ‘straight’ minds most likely, but Buttrose lisped her way to local fame.

Today, she gets her jollies doing morning ‘talk’ on an unwatchable, bankrupt shopping network. The former journalist charmed employer publishers, Packer and Murdoch, but I doubt she scored from either of them such grand largesse as the senile Murdoch’s $M25 bribe to Rebekah Brooks.


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