Feel free to piss & spit on me, I’m from Beaudesert.


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A local woman responded to Federal Liberal Buchholz’s far right wing political column of the previous week. Beaudesert Times wasn’t being generous or even courageous by running a dissenter’s letter, their largesse tempered somewhat by the contempt they have for locals who challenge National Party insularity.

Reply to Buchholz C-tax 30/07/2014


Beaudesert and Boonah, sister towns within the federal political area of Wright is the “repository” for tight-lipped narrowmindness and fundamentalism. Suicides by young gay people come to light occasionally by word of mouth, but those who realize they can make their own decisions leave Beaudesert for the safety of metropolitan areas and take their talents, especially their thinking powers with them, leaving in their wake an intellectual desert of ingrained biased derision for things even faintly worker friendly.

A rabid catholic business person, McCabe, recruits for the cause while chairing and manipulating his latest puppet for the Liberal Party.

The locals have faith in their dimness. Ray hadn’t had time to think about the C-tax. Maybe he felt he was not of age to voice his own opinion. The others were definite though, they didn’t want to be seen defying their masters.


street word

Beaudesert Times. 24/07/2014

Street Cretins.(02/07/2014)

Beaudesert Times. 2/07/2014

A regular feature of The Beaudesert Times failed to show last week. Has Word On The Street lost its devotees?


Word. 6/08/2014

Word On The Street returned on August 6, with a typical Beaudesert vengeance and a typical National Party subject; the rotten unemployed: Jack is a goody-goody, the son of business and local council aspirants, has few options. Trisha is also comfortably well off.



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