Round Mountain, Laravale.

“Our Town.”


Driving past this hillock with its eye-catching craggy bits, had a fascination of sorts for me so eventually I paused and took a few shots. Presume it is the feature after which Round Mountain Road was named. Facing south, two or so kilometres from the Mt Lindsay turnoff, I would liked to have had this pocket blip in my backyard.

En route to Boonah, on a short dirt stretch, the track becomes Sandy Creek Road, passing the district’s fledgling industrial site, Bromelton, exiting on the Boonah Road, a kilometre or so on the Beaudesert side of the dump. Further on, the road passes Wyaralong Dam, built in panic at the height of the drought, its mineral tainted waters will never nurture freshwater fish, according to locals. The Government website paints a different picture.

For the unhurried, first time traveller with time to spare, the return trip can be made via Rathdowney passing the popular water-sports and camping grounds of Maroon Dam, is 10 k’s longer at 70 kilometres, but is much more visually rewarding than the forward trip. Beyond Rathdowney, toward home, on the Tamrookum Creek Road turnoff at Innisplain, is a pleasant although featureless park, sans facilities which I think is the stopover you described.

Round Mountain, Laravale.

Round Mountain, Laravale.



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