Glenapp Signal Box Saved By Rail Devotees.

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The Beaudesert Times text has the story.

Signal Hut.


This story didn’t warrant a byline, which, with its irrelevant spot deep in block advert territory on p 15, and preceding a two page Seniors Lifestyle supplement, suggests it was used as a filler to replace a cancelled advert.

When he is not recruiting from or penning childish tracts for the myriad of lesser enlightened locals to the Catholic cause, Beaudesert Times has its resident morgue-stringer who haunts the public library’s micro-dot for local death history.

As well as organizing happy little christian Catholic events for St Marys and by inducing fallen lambs back to the flock, another of this Catholic stooges’ self-appointed tasks is to find and support his Liberal Party Federal and State choices.

A McCabe find, the initially independent minded State Liberal National Member, Aidan McLindon soon differed with his puppeteer master and found tea and sympathy with the Katter Party where he remains in hibernation.

Within spitting distance of the most reverential St Marys lies the scattered remnants of Boystown. Closed because of pedophile shame, the once respectful name, as the reader would know was almost R.C. copyright, got its credence by way of do-good 1938 American tear-jerker, Boys Town, an early vehicle for rising stars, Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney.

The once esteemed Boystown has gone, an up-market housing precinct in its place.


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