Beaudesert’s men haters close shops, not competition.

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There are few small businesses in rural towns that don’t have women at front of their boutique hobby shops. Beaudesert’s no different and when affected by criticism, they or their apologists are quick, eager even, to cry “misogynist” and lay ridicule and contempt on the complainant in an attempt to  downplay or ignore the problem. The Coles centre, like the almost totally abandoned Woolworths complex, except for a daggy hair saloon and a coffee shop, is holding steadfast to the ‘desert’ part of their town name.

The former proprietor of this failed newsagency began as a lessee whose abruptness and ill-manners soon had her offside with locals well attuned to untrained and indifferent women shop attendants. She proved a nasty hater, not only, or especially of men, but of humanity in general. This objectionable cow was absolutely bereft of people skills and if her thoughts rose above her station and was impelled to punt the family tent on the freehold of this business, then my bliss has no end. Her dependents will probably join her in slanting blame on everyone and every entity except the real cause, she and her, the crone itself.

The Fair News. 19/11/2014

Soon after her stewardship of this business began, the hostile attitude was easily fixed. I would walk to Bourke and back if need be, to do lotto, and not give this crone a cent.  That’s how it remained until recently when I cashed in a $100 win and reiterated my distaste by not supporting the business. With shop-owner ignorance the Beaudesert norm, I travel to surrounding towns to do lotto, with little to do and all day to do it,  one hardly needs a reason to escape the town.

Not surprisingly, the woman’s curtness didn’t go unnoticed by the public, and innocent men responded to bad manners. She rubbed the salt in somewhat, according to informants, by attaching a notice to the counter which ran something like, “Rude men will not be served.” Made her day, no doubt, but really fucked it in the long run.

Wed. 27 No 2

Women-run businesses in this town have a lamentable record. A woman’s apparel shop in this precinct is one of several women-run businesses to bite the dust. The photo shop is no more. The pet shop has gone, I believe. Such shops of animal cruelty should be outlawed in any case.

I was always a Saturday lotto player, but after my wife died, decided to put her relevant numbers into Wednesday’s lotto but didn’t tick that box. ” You do this every week,” the woman proprietor before the one under discussion, admonished me, and I, more or less, a lotto skeptic had only ever indulged in the Saturday game. I boycotted the shop.



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