Kooralbyn’s Phantom ‘Resort.’ An Arid Hole Built With Bullshit. A Beaudesert Times Collation.

Huang pays his workers in bar tabs.

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K Resort, get it right. 26/11/2014

All photos from Beaudesert Times

Much is on the nose with this joint. Deferred promises the rule. Big time crims?

Dry Summer Pic. 26/11/2014
This is the good season, Laze and Gen who are thinking how cute is Kooralbyn, reckon I just might buy out there. Heartbreak Valley awaits you.

T-A Advert
Beware you “guys” with a few dollars who just know they can become a bigshot and rub shoulders with Kooralbyn’s movers and shakers. Will never happen via this elephant.


McCabe. 26/11/2014
Don’t larf! This object plays Liberal Party politics in the Beaudesert centered Federal seat of Wright and as a sideline to controlling potential candidates is ever-ready to save gullible nose-pickers from the fires of hell on behalf of the Mick cause.

Boonah "Road"
Lazy, obese failed flower-growers want the people’s money, the Government that is, to spend $M600 on a road to Boonah. If a future Government falls for that one, Woolworths, Coles and Aldi for starters, will move into Boonah, displacing the dependable IGA shop whose prices are invariably under those of Beaudesert. In addition, the value of these bludger’s useless, failed businesses will multiply immeasurably. This must not happen!



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