Does A Timid Oldie Like Yours Truly Spook Australia’s Totalitarian Regime?

A moment after I Tweeted a reply to an Abbott promo piece, back came an ego offer of appeal only to the naive. It’s been reported of course, but that doesn’t hinder Liberal trolls a whit.

I am of the belief that C Pyne, Abbott’s Liberal acquaintance, with his like-minded cohorts devise Trojans between bouts of intense cock eating.

See for yourselves.

It is very important for your computer’s happiness that you don’t open the Trojan.

*Tony Abbott ‏@TonyAbbottMHR 15h15 hours ago
At the PM’s XI – looking forward to a great match against England.

*Les Johns ‏@LesJohnsLes 14h14 hours ago
@TonyAbbottMHR Newman needs the support of a world statesman of your high calibre. Hoping to see you soon, love les.

*zincalo Hookey ‏@zincaloy9uHooke 14h14 hours ago
Hello @LesJohnsLes here the Easiest, Fastest, Trusted and Simplest way to grow your f.ol,low.e,rs list



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