Baby’s ashes accidentally thrown out, cremations go wrong.

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The cremated remains of a stillborn baby have been accidentally thrown away by a Melbourne funeral company.

Human error was to blame, a full independent investigation would be carried out.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman has confirmed police and SES crews were searching a section of the Hanson Landfill, at Wollert, on behalf of a private company.

The child’s family would, quite rightfully, feel contempt for the company responsible for this sloppy practice who at least admitted their error. Incidents like this happen and are never publicised. Less scrupulous companies would simply make up the bulk from stock on hand from earlier stuff-ups. There is often as much, or more grief, on the death of a pet as with family. I put some observations to blog:

Are pauper and cheap-rate cremations being conducted in pet-specific crematoria in South-East Queensland?

The death of a pet can have much the same emotional effect on the family as does the departure of one of their own and what to do with the remains, another heartfelt decision that needs serious thought. Burial is proportionately more expensive than cremation for pets as it is for humans, but whichever your choice, I implore you to stay with the animal to the last, until you feel the heat of the crematorium or until dirt is level with its surrounds in the case of a burial and can’t be easily disinterred with the body tipped out for the box to be reused, cream for the unscrupulous operator.

Part of his palaver is to reassure the client that cremations are performed individually but with power or fuel so prohibitively expensive, that is not financially feasible and as many animals as possible are crammed into the one operation. All care is taken of course, but stuff-ups occur and ashes sometimes have to be guessed. If the customer insists on staying for the hours-long procedure, the cunning operator will turn on the noisy force fan, without engaging the fuel, thus giving the illusion the procedure is under way and the bereaved reluctantly departs, believing he had covered every crooked avenue.

I’ve come across a treasure of photographs, of the shed surrounds of the crem, of the house, its yards, the cremation job book with its animal furnace layout, and a ‘mud map’ of the last year or so of burials in which the coffin/box had been saved for another day. If your pug, Oscar or standard poodle Claudia had the luxury of a lawn burial in May/June of 2006, and you didn’t attend the graveside service, then I’d suggest you organize a dig where you won’t find timber from the expensive coffin you paid for. On such times when mourners didn’t attend, the bodies were tipped into the hole for the boxes to have another day. It is an industry form of value-adding.

Crematorium Photos Taken At Greenbank.


Pet Crem.

Reserve Emergency Ashes.



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