“The White Thorntree.” Frank Dalby Davidson’s Epic Tale Of Sydney’s Preparation For Permissiveness.

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“Frank Dalby Davidson.”

The book reviews of Frank Dalby Davidson’s opus on the improprieties of post-war Sydney looked like a right royal romp in 1969 but such was the struggle ploughing thorough the opening pages, I never got beyond P48 where I found one of the reviews I used as a page marker. The very same review advised the reader to persevere and be thoroughly entertained. I am unlikely to take it up again.

It was a sought after read at the time. A collector’s edition of 500 at $10 a throw was run off 18 months earlier, probably to test the market, proved that the author had gem on his hands. $10 would equate to $130 or so in today’s money.

His image used in the reviews has an uncanny similarity to Somerset Maugham. Davidson died soon after publication, on May 24,1970.

The White Thorntree. The Bulletin review. July 5, 1969

F.D.Dav (2nd review)

The White Thorntree. The Bulletin review. May 2, 1970

Frank Dalby Davidson. The Bulletin May 2 1970.


Hard cover, The White Thorntree.

Two covers





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