‘Word on the (Beaudesert) Street.’ Compliments Fairfax Rural.

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Given that editorial work is performed on a shoestring budget of cadet journalists, Beaudesert Times editing is usually favourable, so forgive them substituting Rhys ‘think’ and doubling up on ‘they.’

The appropriately named Richard most likely works for a rural related small industry and his quote is much like the result of constant ear-bashing from his masters. Echoing the bosses thoughts holds bush workers in good stead; the harder one sucks, the longer the job lasts.

The Boonah woman, left of Dick, is in the same bucolic boat. Beaudesert Mayor Brent also hails from the pleasant small town and walls have ears, don’t they, my pets?

Word  18/02/2015

Post Election 18/02/2015

Eighty per cent for the Libs. Cop yes-man Gary,”They’re better for business.” He’d know!

Beaudesert, with its three tiers of entrenched National/Liberal rule and associated suspect dealings would have been the ideal parachute seat for deposed fascist Premier Newman, but his purported ‘friendship’ with Brent would have upset and offended the Krause apple cart


Word 28/01/2015Pre Election 28/01/2015

The gaunt sniveller was “honoured and humbled” to answer the PMs call.

Buchholz, as whip 18/02/2015



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