Fairfax Rural: When at sea, write it in the sand.

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No Word on street. 18/03/2015

Beaudesert Times. 18/03/2015.

Thirty or so years ago, when TV and radio trivia shows ruled the golden roost, there emerged a stat fact so intriguing that I couldn’t let it go; that if the then multimillion circulation New York Times omitted the full stop from its masthead, the annual ink savings would be about forty-two dollars. This futile grass watching exercise rose to the surface the other day when I flipped to the Beaudesert Times much venerated vox pop section, Word on the Street and was gently taken aback.

To mask their poverty status and to introduce some bucolic levity to yokel interaction, Fairfax Rural has stopped posing the question and allows the reader to ponder what it might have been, somewhat like those limited appeal, Brit intellectual giggle shows. Alan noticed a few extra at Jimboomba, he volunteered, making me wonder if he had been asked about Woodridge ferals sniffing aerosols in the vicinity of the abandoned Beaudesert rail tracks at the back of Coles.

Very seriously, Maddie had even been attacked and I thought, “Those rotten little pricks,” A bit of petrol or dope stimulated the brain, gave a fresher, new perspective on life, but shit, attacking a young woman en route to Tuesday scouts quite beyond belief,” Jail the bastards,” I jumped in with my well considered yobbo reasoning.

Reading Mick’s laid back indifference to the issue reassured me that they’re not all bad buggers, it seems. Always out near his place, so common-place they just buzz around practically unnoticed. I felt much better, not wanting to see Christmas Creek or a trickling drop of its fresh mountain dewy waters despoiled in any way. Having inadequately described a tour of the lovely place a few years ago, will one day return and make amends. The Road to Christmas Creek: https://wp.me/pReYN-jk

Beechmont is 300 metres above sea level, enough to give Unice a mosquito-free existence. How thoughtful is the lone hard-working Beaudesert Times editorial staffer I gosh-gollied, keeping the reader suspended by not revealing the question until the very last panel. Thank you girl, I await tomorrow’s brain-teaser breathlessly.




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