Buchholz: Indexing pension to inflation ‘good deal.’ But for whom?

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The portly Buccholz learned his trade under the self-serving Barnaby Joyce.

Not forgetting that Beaudesert’s Mayor Brent is former Premier Newman’s ‘best friend.’ The back-room plots between the RSL’s petty criminals, the police and small-time political string-pullers will hopefully leak, once upon a future time.

Buchholz/pensioners 25/03/2015

Beaudesert Times. March 25, 2015

Few NSW pensioners need be reminded that Baird is in bed with Tony Abbott’s Federal Liberals and therefore comments by his new Chief Whip, Buchholz who displaced Ruddock for the job after Abbott’s close spill spooked him, need be taken seriously.

Buccholz is the portly gent who looks after Liberal Party interests in the Federal electorate of Wright, a mainly rural seat just over the NSW border. A brief profile of this division, which spreads from the Gold Coast outskirts to the Great Dividing Range, can be found here.

Buchholz, as whip 18/02/2015


Buchholz’s comments in the Beaudesert Times that indexing pensioners to inflation is “..a fairer system” despite another part of the story stating that the move is meant to ‘save’ the government $22 million. The oxymoronic numbers are conflicting and need challenging, perhaps an opposition opinion could be coaxed from that side.

Abbott’s new best mate garners local support by supplying, at taxpayer’s expense, books and journals to local RSL clubs who do quite well for themselves via poker machines. Such generosity is not impulsive of course, but a calculated, “aren’t I a good guy,” cynicism.

Few people go to RSL clubs to catch up on old war battles, their purpose, 99.99% to play the machines, intellectual stimulation is not part of the ‘members’ psyche. The opportunist Buchhold making a ‘good guy’ of himself to the disadvantage of the people.

Will be a fine day if it has a surprise Queensland ending.



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