From the Twitterland of the Dim. A Tragic Tale.

“Infamy, infamy, they’ve got it in for me.”

This post was initially tacked on to Who are I…” Pleeze Journos” (Mark Two) making an already unwieldly post more-so. You are urged to read the above post in conjunction with the one you are on now for a greater understanding of why Robina should be included in its pages.


Conversations with great parody artist:

A Letter To The GingerZilla…

Hey Everybody, I’m on Craig’s list..

GingerZilla…a creature..     

A Letter to an American Blogsite..

Dear GingerZilla Blogspot…   

“Please Sur, hears sum bazaar…”

Forgive me if I’m wrong but I understand necessary, though usually mundane addenda has it’s place at the bottom of text, however what was once trivial and forgettable has taken on some import. My folly was to treat a fellow Tweeter as having an average level of grammatical know-how despite her capitalizing two common nouns in one Tweet.

It’s not unlike how the mildest double negative can throw closet illiterates into a tizz and make them hate you to Hades. I’ve tended to take people at face value, a doubtful side-effect of having decent parents. Was usually a soft touch, a sucker for sob stories. I’ve a little ripper about Sally Rogers, nominal trainer of  the initial Magic Millions, Snippets in 1987. Never entered my head just how mischievous, malevolent even, most people are until late.

Robina’s puff piece has her as a retired healthcare worker and an aging-carer, (sic) so a lifetime spent nanny do-gooding has probably dulled the senses, happier re-tweeting the limited efforts of others. Live with cripples, you learn to limp.

Her qualification for inclusion in the “Who are I.. pleeze journos ..” files, established to immortalize the doltish endeavors of an ignorant, uneducated  Tweeter named Badrick. Follow Robina and yours truly brief Twitter exchange and decide for yourselves if she warrants such infamy.


Robina Creaser>sharpfang

British PM heckled, laughed at and mocked by Pensioners when he pleads for chance to tell the Media of his greatness!

The Brit site used to parody oldies mercilessly. Don’t know what he’s up to lately



Did you miss the parody point ? 🙂




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