“What’s on the nose”? Shit, I must be in Beaudesert.

This is, to me, one of the saddest political/streetscapes the Beaudesert Times has published in recent times. It differs from the many  hundreds of standard Country Party obeisance material that is the publication’s raison d’etre.

The photo shows an acquiescent Queensland Deputy Premier bowing to the irrational demands of what is possibly one of Queensland’s most cunning Mayors. Far too naïve and nice for words, “Jackie” Trad, I fear, would have been awash in dirty water dealing with the nefarious machinations of a long entrenched Lib/Nat politician.

A spot near Wongaburra Convalescent Hostel was once chosen to divert from the Mt. Lindsay Highway. Seems the sawmill is now the preferred option which translates as a multimillion compensation bonus for a Lib/Nat yes-man. At well under a kilometre from the supposedly congested town centre, the bypass is considered a nonsense by many townspeople.

img161All photos, cutouts: Beaudesert Times.

Two doors from the news shop and right on Beaudesert’s only traffic lights, monied, but stupid people set up a coffee joint amidst the fumes of stationary traffic waiting for the lights. Not only were the proprietors of this sparkling new establishment impulsive for their poor site choice, but especially so their clientele expectations.

With the younger “in” set undoubtedly the target, the show-window became an exact, well executed replica  of the 90s New York based sit-com, Friends, complete with its Central Perk, and “cool” footpath tables and chairs. I know nothing about the connections, but it has the hallmarks of a pampered lady. Any “in” people had long decamped this malodorous, homophobic town with the herd mentality.

The newsagent owner could consider doing a leasing deal on the vacant shop opposite Aldi. Only novice mugs would open a business in a shopping complex unless they had the mail on the owners/agents to establish a reasonable, long lasting rent.


B.T. 22/04/20`5

BT.May 20, 2015.
With the obese, self interested Barnaby Joyce protege, Buchholz, in charge of Abbott generated lies, the Federal seat of Wright has opposition falsehoods emanating like CIA spybuzz from his office. Liberal cohorts have distinct advantage this area.


The obese Abbott clone, as newly appointed Government Whip, fearing the fate of his predecessor, has little option but reiterate the thoughts and edicts of his master.

BT. 3/06/2015.

BT. 27 May, 2015.

BT. 27/05/2015.

Words of Liberal wisdom. The gross Buchholz reiterates his master’s thoughts.


There’s none so impure as a GP seeking to fill his appointment book. Convincing even one naive subject that his non-existent malady must have immediate attention has its genesis in shonky mind control shops. Criminal doctors reap many thousands from the Government via medicare; should benefit only the truly ill.


High school kids are revolting! True grievances or just up themselves?

Agitated Students 18/03/2015

A reprise!



BT. 27/05/2015



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