“It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world … but for Murdoch, Syvret”?

Syvret, a likely 5th column within the Labor tent.


Death is a distant rumour to the young.”

“Blue-rinsed and Botoxed:Life among the plastic people.”

Inside Labor’s house are many rodents; common stand-over ratus-ratus of the Obeid variety abound. Timid, jittery mice who, the moment they tried to shrug off Shorten’s role in besmirching Gillard became woven into Labor’s bubonic ridden patchwork of brinkmanmanship.

Rudd’s wounded ego had to be appeased as soon as possible. It would have been a nice Aesop fable of poetic justice had he waited in the wings, at least until after the next election before exacting revenge. History couldn’t wait, Rudd prepared his long-knife. The Party had to collapse and die with Gillard.

Such is the single mindedness of the smug wrong-doer who feels his nefarious underhand deeds pass unseen and unknown. One who ‘runs with foxes and hunts with the hounds’ is Brisbane based self-glorifying (gratification) Murdoch mole/flea, Syvret.

Ghost of PJK ‏@GhostOfPJK

Why isn’t the #MSM openly mocking #Abbott’s backward views, divisive language and general fucktardery? ##auspol

“Bed-wetters in the Newscorpse bunker.

In the past, I might have argued, or sided the metadata case for the common journalist, but the recipients of my emotional effort would have been the very contemptible creatures who caused their own angst. By dint of their corrupt perjured employer, Rupert Murdoch, defending his Liberals is a job requisite and to the Devil with the Advocate.

Metadata retention’s effect on the non-professional or home computer user hasn’t aroused much sympathy from the MSM, yet spirited company-owned journalists are soon reminded not to upset the ASIO/AFP house of cards.

Syvret is ill-equipped to mentor any line other than his corrupt employer, and a boofhead espousing football doesn’t prove Labor links.

In his Courier Mail column of 2006, Syvret’s open contempt of oldies and pregnant women says much about the man. To get a greater idea of his makeup. Zoom in and make his words readable.

Saved a few of Syvret’s Tweet urgings to my media library, now shown under:


Syvret’s Labor disavowal came some hours after I posted my comments of his treachery.


Labor’s Right mounting push to adopt boat turn-back policy – why I won’t be voting ALP


(Posted by Syvret on Twitter,  Saturday, 14/03/2015)

“Fewer sitting days in State Parliament equals less scrutiny of the Palaszczuk Government.”


(Posted by Syvret on Twitter,  Saturday, 28 /03/2015)

“Like him or not John Howard is a loved husband, father and respected by many. I wish him well. Don’t be ugly Twitter.”


(An old Syvret Tweet.)

Heavily pregnant refugee tries to harm herself after denied urgent medical help. “An-eight-month-pregnant-refugee-tries-to-harm-herself-after-being-denied-urgent-medical-help. Australia, hang your ugly head.”


Syvret 3 C.M. Tuesday,August 8, 2006  p21


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