Loyal Praetorian guard has short shelf life, but Lord of the Larder is forever.

The third pictured aberration is the obese Australian Liberal Representative for the Federal seat of Wright, doesn’t seem out of place that an obviously greedy man represents a huge stretch of mainly rural land, extending from the Gold Coast hinterland to the Toowoomba Range. With an electoral office in Beaudesert, some 60 kilometres south-west of Brisbane, the town is also 60 retro years back into Joh Bjelke-Petersen corruption-land, a fiefdom shared with State Liberal MLA Krause and a perjured bankrupt Tory Mayor.

BT. 1/07/2015.

BT. 10/06/2015

Buchholz’s entry into Federal Parliament was sponsored by his friend, Barnaby Joyce, National Party Senator and vice-leader, about to assume leadership from the ailing Truss, is, like himself, another “sweaty fat man” to quote a prominent visitor to this country with whom he differed. A female produce store proprietor who swears by Buchholz won’t even try to pronounce the name, recently asserted that sultanas and raisins were actually dried grapes and that eating the former was ok but one should shun the latter.

Jimb. Times. 29/07/2015.

All images: Beaudesert/Jimboomba Times.

In Wright, can be found a fair cross-section of the Liberal’s famed ‘small business’ brotherhood. Many of them concerned with “the Woodridge creep”, Nat-speak for the influx of working class, urban outsiders not overly familar with cow-shit, upsetting and influencing the status quo by their non-rural thinking and way of life.

Buchholz’s entry into Federal Parliament was sponsored by his former National mate, Barnaby Joyce, Senator and vice-leader of his Party, wanting to oust Truss to become a heartbeat away from the Prime Minister-ship. Daunting thought! If Joyce is “a sweaty fat man” to quote a prominent visitor, then imagine the leakage from Buchholz, Abbott camp follower, whose electoral success was a walkover, it being an unashamed conservative and bucolic seat since the year dot.

BT 23/09/2015.

Click on Buchholz’s Wally Mitty “Praetorian guard” reflections and follow through on his fear of the Labor Party regaining the Treasury; all dummy perfect as his much admired Joyce.



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