Enter “The Big Pumpkin,” Beaudesert tourist hot-spot.



Went into the township of Beaudesert other morning for food shopping. The Big Pumpkin, like every other fruit and veg shop that’s ever existed, rips off its customers indiscriminately, always has, always will and without shame. Overlooking their petty criminality only encourages more of the same and you become a soft-touch mug. Ten or so years ago after a confrontation with management in which I stressed four instances of over-charging, his defence went something like, “Well, so what! You win some, I win some. It evens up in the end.”

Avoiding the establishment until lately and with their theft form entrenched, I buy no more than two items at a time which makes arguing the point simpler. Generally, most product prices differ little between stores but the big player’s errors are genuine whilst the Big Pumpkin’s are calculated and most deliberate. If you want your purchase in a bag, it is only by overcoming shop reluctance and insisting on this right, will you get one, otherwise the cabbage free-rolls around in a large carton. “Costs me hundreds a week for carry-bags,” he bull-shitted me, “Got to save somehow.” This crap from a long-practiced con-man of the first water who runs cattle and engages in other shonky activities.

Using my Coles/Woolworth bags, one containing a large Croatian cabbage, I think the variety, the second a leafy iceberg lettuce. “That’s $9,” he declared. “That’s $6.50,” I corrected him. “Sorry ’bout that,” he immediately shot off, “Thought you had two cabbages.” The creature is incapable of change, but that undeclared cash would be as lucrative as the local drug trade. His staff is so hang-dog, much like the underpaid rural workers at the produce store up the road at Gleneagle who succumb to the ‘hard done by’ moans of their property-rich employers.

But don’t worry about that, in the bucolic Federal seat of Wright, the odds favor the manipulations of the Liberal Party over Labor Party timidity.


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