North Maclean’s “Olleys Oranges.” Be aware!

“Enter,The Big Pumpkin…”

“It Profits a Man…”

Buchholz..Loyal Praetorian Guard..

It is a certainty that where-ever you do your green-grocer shopping you will, in auction parlance, unwittingly or not, pay a buyer’s ‘premium’ on the way out.

And I did just that the other day after fruit and veg shopping at Olleys Orange, one of a motley collection of food based convenience stores at North Maclean near Jimboomba. When the strip opened, sparkly and fresh 15 or so years ago, the sub-news agency failed within weeks and evidently, even today, mum and dad entrepreneurs with superannuation cash are advised against news-agencies.

Olleys Orange, who don’t use a possessive mark, taught me two things the other day: Firstly, if you think you’re alert to all the tricks, you are about to fall prey to a new one, and the cabbage from the same patch that The Big Pumpkin markets are of the drum variety whereas I had guessed it as Croatian.

I’ve erased extras from their receipt to highlight only those subjects under discussion:


The captivated reader will note that Olleys huge cabbage weighed-in at a shade under 5 kilo would have cost $4.50 at Beaudesert’s The Big Pumpkin, so I’m up two and a half bucks. But hang on, look at the mushroom picture, and this is where the writer demonstrates his naïvety, a mere novice when it comes to outwitting the Royalty of Ripoffs.

With the absence of the usual prominent signage, 99 cents for 500 g of champigeons appealed to me so I took three bags thinking if they wanted to unload ageing stock, I’d help them out. Their pricing applied to one marked bag only. I had been done! It is probably their favourite confidence trick and with that visit my first in a decade or so, was probably my last.




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