Member for the Larder, Buchholz, gives INITIAL $M3.5 to Beaudesert R C college.

Tireless worker for obese Libs reminds constituents, “I really wanted to follow Fascist mate, Tony Abbott, to purgatory, but adding more blubber had precedence.”

Stays a LibBT  9 Dec. 2015.

Barnaby Joyce pimp, obese aberration, ardent member of the larder and admirable advert for Liberal Party greed, Scott Buchholz played good fella with Treasury money on two counts. The questionable intelligence of badly educated local Catholics allows confidence tricksters to make easy prey of them.

The Kooralbyn ‘International’ School was set up initially, to rip off the Jap market and it worked for a while. The decline started with student fascination in the newly introduced ‘scratch’ lottery tickets, a boon for the newsagent seller but resulted in the school banning town visits after overseas based parents tired of the ever-increasing money demands from their kids.

But that had only a small part in the schools’ and the areas general decline. The dawning realization that the Kooralbyn ‘Resort’ had been a leaking bucket of piss and wind since discredited Westpac finance arm, AGC involvement, obliged cautious investors to shy away. Notoriety and the criminality oiling the system became unpalatable.

The Beaudesert Times sneaky story dropped in, as if an afterthought, the Federal Liberal Government INITIAL ‘grant’ of three and a half million dollars towards stage one of a Roman Catholic college in Beaudesert.




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