Smokers kill. Phantom Terrorists don’t. Attn. Horan, Jaala, Hillhouse of Qld Housing Commission.

A little over four years ago my blog utterings on the activities of recent arrivals to my flat precinct earned the disapproval of the establishment who sent a policeman to caution me. The world war two barrack-style buildings run east to west each has four flats and are sited diagonally opposite Beaudesert High School.

Paul Cowan, on first impression was just another old blowhard who soon joined a couple sitting in the gazebo and placing his landline extension on the table set upon establishing his importance.

“Can’t move too far without that.” he coyly explained, leaving a wee bit of theatrical mystery to come. “Lot of people rely on my assistance.” Mobile phones were common-place irritants then as they are today, beyond his budget, I’d be thinking. He had, in any case, with those few self-glorifying words, exposed the drab existence of an utter boor and one to be avoided at any cost.

The creature turned out to be a nasty self-centered do-gooder, motivated solely by the ego-cream of local recognition than by genuine altruism, had set himself up, sans accreditation, as adviser/counsellor to Magistrate Court clients conned into accepting his ‘advice’ or receive harsher parole conditions. Unfortunate miscreants copping shit like this leave little doubt about why their rebellion gets them back inside.

A Queensland Govt ‘official’ who, as far as I know, was not officially of the carabinieri, but officially of the Woodridge Housing Commission, Horan by name, suspected, with colleagues, Jaala and Hillhouse, from the same office, of having strong stasi influence, took me to task, “He’s a former Sunshine Coast Councillor,” she insisted, “and as such, must be respected.”

Well there you go, a petty Qld Govt clerk pulling nanny-state rank, can’t abide a tenant who thinks, and gets the police in to encourage contriteness. The Church at work as well, I shouldn’t wonder.

I under-estimated these malevolent women, Given brains in error and named in an earlier story, their complicity in one-sided tenant treatment should be opened like the can of smelly worms it is, doing so would invite a tome of Atlas Shrugged proportions. Will give that old story a few links:

Jaala And Hillhouse, Given brains in error.

A Psychiatric Puppeteer is Pulling Strings.”

Dept of Housing. (Beaudesert area)

This preamble is all about the possible variations to the consequences of this discourse. The last time I referred to stasi operatives and Qld Govt.Housing Dept, my doorway was graced with the shadow of one Senior Sergeant, on Tuesday, 25 October, 2011, after hinting a tenant couple mirrored similar activity to Stasi activity featured in a recent East German intrigue had aroused my suspicions.

The lead letter in the under cutout features a loathsome, self-centered female of Macbeth proportions, a former Councillor with great contempt for those unwilling or unable to benefit the ‘lady’s’ self-promotion. Those refusing to promote or back her became invisible. Her fierce defence of the cowards who deliberately damage the life systems of fellow beings, sums up her despicable mien absolutely.

Who now from the constabulary will visit me and urge a voluntary ‘mental evaluation’ examination for my criticisms of former public figures. Moffatt’s public profile seems to have dimmed lately but wait, I’ve a few cutouts from Beaudesert’s weekly journal that might contain the clue to the hypothetical question.

Two Beaudesert Times cutouts at bottom of story with words to be added in the next post.


BT Sept 9,2015. Demon Phantom Terrorist chaser.

Police shut BT 28/10/2015.




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