Reluctant ‘volunteers’ ought to stay home and kick the cat.

Woodhill Cemetery is tended by volunteers who give the dusty dry grounds extra attention before Christmas that friends and relatives may remember better times with the departed in pleasant surrounds. Two or three chaps were resting-up and chatting when I alighted the car but before I made way to the passenger side to get the evergreens and a bottle of water, the buggers jumped on their slashers and returned to work.


Woodhill Cemetery Entrance.Woodhill Cemetery entrance.

Tree and gibber debris are sent with great speed and energy from rotary propelled slashers, their danger demonstrated by ineffective signage that Councils erect to indemnify against damage claims. The resentful volunteers should be satisfied that hundred centimetre and longer, missiles found their mark.

Nearing home, Kooralbyn’s half-witted cretins reminded the locals that an irresponsible authority had granted permission for environmental louts to rip around bush roads in a fire engine sounding the horn and its siren as a seasonal celebration. Self-justification and not altruistic ideals is more the motive here.

It is submitting ones integrity to the whims of blockheads once again who rule and ruin the lives of decent, reasonable, law-abiding citizens. The brigade nonsense is rural version of the gross monetary waste and stink that Sydney residents are obliged to endure on New Year’s eve.

The Rotary wankers, no doubt, regard themselves as heroes of the day.



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