“The Big Pumpkin,” apt tag for Beaudesert’s notorious rip-off proprietor.

The Big Pumpkin will rip you off, but serial pest Reinke, won’t be present.

Red cabbages aren’t all that big. Stripped of its fibrous, unusable outer leaves, the product compares in size to that of a small rock melon. In other words, they’re not that big, but Woolworths, Beaudesert sometimes halve them for their own value-adding benefit.

I didn’t want two halves of a small cabbage, nor would I have settled for one. I wanted two complete, unmolested red cabbages. Resisting the temptation to cave-in to my ennui and just buy two half pieces and be done with it, I went across the road to the most ill-mannered rip-off merchant in town, The Big Pumpkin, of which I recently related my experiences with this prick in “The Big Pumpkin will rip you off, but…”

These strip shops are handy for quick, one item purchases but  unconscionable, crude pricks like this fellow really should be avoided, if only to keep one’s dignity. Too hungry and inconsiderate of his customer to use bags, I fronted up with two red cabbage at $4.50 each, in my own carry bag. $2.50 at Olleys if you’re passing through North Maclean.

“That’s OK” he offered as he handed me a dollar change.

“That’s OK”? I queried.

“Thanks.” he conceded.

The hell with indifferent petty crooks like this, I swear I’ll search further or go without in the future.


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