From my WordPress media file, unlikely now to have stories woven around them.

Bora Ring 2.

Cath's Stufffed Toys.

Cath's 1st Easter Veterinary Show.

Cem Roses

Props Cath used in her "Pot of Gold" Irish Curmudgeon, Bragg Veterinary Skit.

1946 Letter. P1

Charlie to Arthur P2

Missouri and Maryland Streets.

Warren Saxen took shot of self with Cathy. House, cnr Missouri & Maryland Sts, Jimboomba.25/12/'93.

The Last Two Standing.

Jesus bus close-up

From the steps.

Camping in Ute, winter.

In The Aisles. (Syvret)

L. Prince back page.

Jim Pearson's Angellala Siding Proclamation of 1962.

Cunt lunches (2)

img036 Yours Truly.

Cathy's Christmas.

Cathy’s Christmas.

Casablanca Cairns

Casablanca Cairns

Paul Siroky, 29/25 Hughs St, Potts Point. NSW. 2011  Circa 1963/4 Holloways/Machans Bch, Cairns.

Married by Burt (Bert) 10 March, 1997, in old Beaudesert Hospital.


Shade (right view)

Shade (right view)

The Martins.

The Clan. Front Yard abt. 1955


Melbourne. Dad with ? circa 1925

Crown Stove Reverse.

A Flat In A Carpark.

Gay Viet vet plaque



Total Cairns Costing.

Cairns Homeward Cost.

"Once U A T I T West" damaged.

iIan, Narelle, Bert. Early 1953 at a guess.

Michael Plant Obit. July 13, 1965.


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