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“Rupert Murdoch is a ‘Good Man.'” Barnaby Joyce just reassured us so on ABC 7.30.

January 29, 2015

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A Psychiatric Pupetteer Is Pulling Strings

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ABC Australia’s last Channel 2 running of the popular 6 PM British quiz show, The Eggheads, came and went without murmur or reference to it being the last of the series, or forever for that matter. Who knows, and yes, it’s like the movement of the planets, it’ll happen without you or me having any say in their direction. Manners and consideration for the viewer wouldn’t have cost booth announcers, if such a specie still exists, too much effort or time, such as, ” …and that was the last episode of…” It used to happen thus.

But the importance and ego of youthful ‘behind the scene’ operators, quiet indifferent to the feeling of the older, dying out, traditional ABC audience of yesteryear has slipped off the agenda. This evening, in TV land, moulding my immediate viewing post The Eggheads, The Drum, which went off my viewing agenda when it became a Liberal Party machine to finish off the Gillard-Rudd debacle, unobtrusively crept back to my attention.

The topic under review was the Sydney siege and how to counter such events. The possibility of closet authorities like ASIO tracking and anticipating the mind and actions of the sociopath arose. The British, one panel member stated, had a “Fixated Persons File,” no doubt gleaned from the ardent or extreme views of social media users. Bringing this about in a Police State Australia would pleasure and delight our starry-eyed sheet-sniffers. It’s happening now but journalists risk detention for even mentioning its existence, let alone dissecting its effect on every day Australia.

In the closing days of the Bligh Government, I ridiculed, from an amateur, or Miss Marple view, on my blog, two nearby tenants (A Psychiatric Puppeteer Is Pulling Strings) who had aroused my interest because of their attitudes and actions as having distinct stasi traits. A Beaudesert police person called at my place, told me to quit my criticism of the Government and its agents. Reminding him that I lived with myself and my opinions without conscience or concern, his theatrical aside, “Dark Duck” set the tone. “What WE’LL do,” Senior Sergeant James Moffett added on that Tuesday October 25, 2011, at about 1115 hrs,”…I don’t think you’re capable so WE’LL go together to your doctor and have a mental evaluation done.”

I declined the offer, but outside advice since, suggested I should have taken him on. “I’m going over your stuff tonight and then we’ll see just how intellectual you are and if I find contentious material, I’ll be back.”  It wasn’t an idle boast for that night there were some 78 hits on Government interest posts. He didn’t ‘come back’ so it seems I’m on the back burner. But that’s how thought suppression happens in Australia. Unannounced and on the sly. It’s a hangover from the Soviet gulags and authorities fear of people unafraid to state what they’re thinking.

The ABC TV show, One On One is wasted with Jane Hutcheon as host who, while listening to an African woman explain her wonderment at dozens of milk types available in Australian supermarkets, impoverished Africans rarely get the basic, straight from the udder variety to sustain an infant, Hutcheon’s repartee set the unfortunate interviewee woman agog. Liz Harvey, another ABC employee who appears to have retained her worthless job, is another who puts childish questions to above average intellects, ” Come on, come on, you must have a favourite.”

As a boy, in pre-tv Australia, I’d lay on the floor beside the console radio and listen intrigued to ABC Radio’s, Search For The Golden Boomerang as a party of teenagers fought crisis after crisis as they criss-crossed Australia in their quest for the elusive boomerang. Martin’s Corner and Jason And The Argonaughts another two I remember. My favourite and only TV network with any savvy was once the ABC but now, for the most part, it vies with the commercials for popular appeal and gets lost wallowing in low level drivel.

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