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NEWS OF THE WORLD… Reopened by Les Johns.

July 10, 2011

Accuracy is to a newspaper what virtue is to a lady, but a newspaper can always print a retraction.
Charles Revson

One Dirty Masthead Going Cheap.

That title might look good as a replaced head. If the dormant sub-domain, “Comment On Queensland,” were to be resurrected, they would complement each other and most likely make its owner a latter-day newspaper maestro. While the intellectual property sits in Murdoch’s top drawer, it could never be legally registered to anyone else until post fire sale. Been tempted to change the tag-line though, that’s as easy as spitting, but the old one stays to remind the owner of his obtuseness and that he should try to attain the excellence and profound wisdom of fellow tenants and peers.

The Murdoch organisation, like any other, has always been the image of cute and expensive suits covering rotting flesh, fancy gear and colored cloth maketh…used since pre-Jesus and continues to suck in dick-heads like Queensland alp voters and other slow-thinkers. Conniving matter like Queensland fancy boy Treasurer Andrew Fraser, much loves his pretty camouflage. “Investigate Executive Criminals…” Murdoch’s hapless and demoralised lapdogs as blameworthy as their master for the demise of newspapers. A gushing meat pie story of a truckie so enamoured with his repast that he thrice licked his fingers to savor the last morsel finished off whatever credibility the Courier Mail might have had.

Given that he hasn’t made the news for three weeks, few Queenslanders would remember a low-down electoral fraudster and master criminal, Mike Kaiser. This low-life skunk slunk into richer sewers than those of George Street and avers there is no shame in anonymity while amassing the loot; the obverse to an Arthur Upfield novel, All Fame And No Bloody Money. Kaiser engineered the ALP link to whose moderators sunk my letters connecting cigarette smoke and Qld. Housing.

Split The Bastards Down The Middle…

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