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March 30, 2011


National Labor Party President-Apparatchik condones sheet-sniffing…(

Lucy Bar, the woman who brought aging bitch-boy, Dale Woodums over from Westminster House for Assisted Living would be living the life of Riley without the cutting remarks of a failed ham. This independent, educated woman is an accomplished wordsmith with discipline and nous enough to delve into and complete a research program and gain her PhD. Published a dot com story with an accomplice. Megalomaniacs thrust into public housing necessitates self-aggrandizement. The anally retentive Mother’s brag sheet includes USA tertiary tutorship, yet was bamboozled by a reference to Arabic numerals. Responded to my wish on how I would appreciate some writing ability with a reference to his friend Lucy who “ thinks she can write, too.” Woodums would be unable to compliment his dying mother.

Mother Dale, Queen Boof of the amplified household audio returned to the hustings the other day and celebrated his homecoming by dropping a heavy item onto bare floorboards at 0027 hours. She could have done 24 days of shock treatment or an extended stasi course on irritating noise production. A few days later he returned to Salisbury. This stasi prick would be costing the public purse rather than the ALP who is the beneficiary of his efforts. New no. 10 has gone missing a couple of days. Well rewarded by generous benefits, these Labor sheet sniffers. Like McArthur and Mother Dale he returned, featured by his trademarked hurtling, frantic rush outside while verbally abusing the mobile.

Queen of the hams, Mother Dale is totally stasi cell cadre but if I’m wrong, he will leave today’s recruitment drive, arm in arm with the Frau Schikelgruber of choice as the next Queensland Labor Party spy-chief-in-waiting. My anti-National Socialist olfactories detect already a menacing Station Road Nazi presence.

In a letter to Queensland Housing Commission’s Beaudesert RSL agency, I acknowledged to the NLP card-carrying Victoria that this flat precinct at 220-226 Brisbane Street, between the Wongaburra Convalescent facility and Mt. Lindsay Highway as a fair choice to lodge the RSL’s myriad IQ deficient and witless dependents given that the place was already so stacked. The covert mind-games used by the Department to force the removal of a decent, but steadfast tenant is on-going and un-necessary when a simple offer of resettlement with financial assistance would have worked for me.

The austere, 1950 era army camp buildings and the surrounds of this precinct have been likened to a prison farm, so I should enjoy Palen Creek Prison farm if fate so deems. For the dead cheap rent, I am more than satisfied with this place of abode keeping in mind you get what you pay for. In this case the activities of the inmates besmirch the place. Not forgetting bitch-boy Dale and our three or four face to face discussions about his various ways of manufacturing unnecessary noises, desperation induced me to try his crude street rules by slamming a fly door in response to a morning of like from Mother Dale, but its sheer puerility only reflected the stupidity of the protagonist and I was unable to continue with that line of retaliation.

Being the bottom feeders of Governments world-wide with Family Services and the Aged a whisker away for the creme de la creme of fixed Government obtuseness, the Queensland Housing Department is proof positive how fools seldom differ and bask in the company of their own. The desperate, despicable drug dependent public servant discards, pensioned Fortitude Valley night workers, all become instant experts after doing two-week part-time courses in psychiatry or palmistry. No-hopers seeking both a cohesion and a domination of their overwhelmingly dim clients by offering exclusive fifth column membership. As dense today as were their sub-normal parents on their conception; wasted orgasms and better for humanity, like Onin, had their passion landed upon the ground. Lots of love, Les.

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