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Incident in Beaudesert.

March 17, 2017

A couple of weeks ago in the pre-rush a.m, I had occasion to be downtown in Greater Beaudesert where the proverbial cannon could be fired without hurting a soul. The early opening newsagency beckoned and with only one car out front, there was easy parking.

The mirror showed three cyclists in the ‘right turn only’ lane as I prepared to alight. The lead cyclist made a sharp swoop towards me as I stepped out. “The door, the door, the door,” the rider, with emblazoned club shirt screamed,” as he returned to the right turn lane and turned into Bromelton Road.

Evidently the classic do-gooder, do as I say, looking to fault anyone handy, reprimanding we presumed thoughtless drivers. This items’ forefathers would have prided themselves and felt justified when their kangaroo courts arbitrarily stretched the necks of innocents whose profile differed from theirs.

Queensland Labor prefers dumbned-down followers who can’t think.

February 5, 2017

Qld Labor can’t think.

Buchholz gives “initial” $M3.5 to exclusive school.

Qld Labor;Liberal Lapdogs.

Australians can’t think…dumbed-down.


In the years preceding the 2007 Federal Labor walkover, Brett Raguse stood for anything that enhanced public awareness of his entity. At that time I was querying Qld Labor’s apparent disinterest in it’s own fate and wondered if a PR machine existed to defend the Party.

Labor had an information tent on market days at Beaudesert’s Dick Westerman Park, and I began chatting with its resident luminaries. The elected Ruguse was consolidating his image when I put to him the aggravating nature of a Viet vet, a dangerous psycho named Garvey who had been homeless forty years, now a neighbouring tenant whose “in your face” cigarette habit was playing havoc with my respiratory system.

A few days later, Raguse made headlines with the politicians favourite standby of defending Viet Vets who, “fought and gave their lives for our democracy,” denouncing those so intolerant as to find fault in trivial matters. To reinforce his defence of returned junkie Vets, he would join servicemen’s unions to better fight THEIR fight.

The under quote comes from an old piece I did at that time on how touchy can Labor be simply because of the limits of their own vision. And my question to the tent follower, Jason Whitlock that so convulsed him went like: “Every day The Courier Mail has at least four anti-Labor stories that are left to run their course and germinate, but are never denied or questioned. Why not”?

Keeping in mind that anti-Liberal sentiment lasted only one term and Liberal Bert van Manen regained for the Libs. The measure of the man is shown by Raguse’s career choice. You need to be morally bankrupt and essentially a con-man/people-hater to be in real estate, a choice that is greed driven and tailor-made for the Liberal mindset.

“Now while I had become acquainted with this lot by mutual, initially Labor-favoured  small talk well before Raguse made his seat runs, my comment so startled the boy Jason Whitlock, a minor apparatchik, that he produced an apparently ever-ready camera and asked me to pose with his lady-friend for a “matey shot.”

I did so without qualm, having  nothing to fear or hide, but the Labor Party had uncovered a dissident, and I was about to get a taste of their infamous mind games. Once an avid Labor voter, I seek now to support the candidate most likely to damage Queensland Labor Thugs.”

It’s Australia’s “Bollock’s Day.” Cause a road crash and win praise. (But only if you’re in your twenties)

January 26, 2017


Under this is a cutout of a road death story taken from Beaudesert Times of August 3, last. Points of interest or contention are circled and come from the biased mind of a junior bush journalist, possibly in a tizz defending his alma mater, Beaudesert High School.

"Horror Crash" 3/08/2016 Points Stressed.

The dead driver was on his way to suburban Bromelton where he was paid per load to deliver road metals. An inattentive 23 yo male in a black car, the least road-safe color, was  evidently otherwise occupied when his car “crossed to the wrong side of the road” and caused a head-on collision.

It was pure luck the innocent driver survived, but the inconvenience he suffered would have been intolerable. No sympathy was afforded this man in the Beaudesert Times story but is it not historic that the ” lovable larrikn” is an Australian thug whose romantic image mustn’t be tarnished.

At age 23, the killer driver would have been at least five years out of high school and in reality, well and truly out of the school system. The Administrators would have had to search old records to get a fix on this dead, self-important drongo, simply to appease the low esteem of professional mourners.

H.S. Principal’s ill-considered, immature comments were moulded to console the cretin in his midst, “.. still very raw, etc. ” If this verbal nonsense was genuine, from the heart out-pourings, it is a poor reflection on our society and helps to explain the ‘nanny-state’ conditioning of minds of all ages and must have a good deal of bearing on why a complacent community allows present Australian government stasi agents, smell and inspect their bed-sheets for skid marks.

I take particular offence to the story’s end-note where an immature, unformed writer confused “victim” with “perpetrator.” A kind fate consigned this nasty bit of work to Hades before he had the chance to maim and kill and inflict sorrow and despair.


Coles Beaudesert self checkout is an escape from Woolworth’s beggars.

November 4, 2016

“Enter The Big Pumpkin.”

Although shopping is more expensive at Coles, I’ll use them before Beaudesert Woolworths simply to dodge the front of shop professional beggars and being implored by Woolworths checkout staff to make another donation on exit.
If a ‘best thing about’ tag could be applied to shopping at Beaudesert Coles, it would have to be their self-checkout where, by definition, Woolworths checkout staff are unable to pester customers on exit to “make a $2 donation”.
To enter Woolworths via one of their two entrances, the shopper must run a gauntlet of beggars, usually gentle and pleasant do-gooders, but with the noticeable exception of an aged, unkempt loudmouth item of filth who persists with rude personal comments long after one has passed. Named Keith, “I am known as Father Christmas and everyone loves me.” he replied when I asked him to stop heckling me. “Beaudesert’s Malevolent Thug..”
The next best thing about using Coles is related to the ‘best thing’ in that no collectors of any persuasion are permitted to set up shop to harass clients. Nearest they had, a couple of months ago, in the car park, was a team of bimbos who would spray a section of your motor vehicle and buff if pretty while very nearly doing a lap dance to induce a sale of their product.
After twenty or so minutes, I managed to persuade the one working on me that such tactics are amusing but wasted on this tightwad old prick, did she piss off having found an urgent task to attend.

Coles: BT, Sept 28, 2016

Coles: BT, Sept 28, 2016

Coles, overtaken with altruism and a desire to be seen as generous benefactors and to distance themselves from the insidious effect of their poker machines, got involved with this facade of bullshit care as depicted in the Beaudesert Times story. Designed entirely for publicity purposes, thinly veiled, good enough to deceive the yokels while Coles/Woolworths poker machines strip millions of dollars from the low paid gullible.

Brisbane bus driver accused of making racist remarks towards passenger…But is it ok to demean a monkey?

July 28, 2016

Woman with babe in arms boards bus, has altercation with driver, storms down isle, slumps into seat besides passenger and sobs,”That driver, I’ve never been so humiliated in my entire life.” “Get right back to that bloke,” advised the man, “and lay into him, and if it helps, I’ll hold the monkey for you.”

A Murdoch man for whom the adage,”Runs with the foxes, hunts with the hounds,” was coined.

July 8, 2016

The brave opportune Tweets of a @rupertmurdoch suck-hole.

Syvret.(On “doddering” octogenarians and pregnant shoppers.)

“Who are I…pleeze journos..”


Damn, now I regret cancelling Foxtel. Blot has Pauline Hanson and Rowan Dean on tonight. #MeetingOfGreatMinds

Syvret associated Tweets in block quote:

Paul Syvret ‏@PSyvret

Hanson takes centre stage again but this time we should listen not lampoon. Very thoughtful piece by @margokingston1

Paul Syvret ‏@PSyvret

A serious question: has Hanson ever offered anything positive, or does she just float to the surface again when the zeitgeist is angry?

Paul Syvret Retweeted
#AusExit FitzSimons ‏@Peter_Fitz Jul 4

I reckon this tweet to #QandA on the money: “If Abbott was in charge, Shorten would have given his victory speech by 9 pm.”

Syvret’s unlikely LGBT alliance. Not expecting miracles from relatives ‘butch’ army brain-washing.

Fitzsimons is a loudmouth plagiarist of Australian military history, played a ball sport giving Syvret a kinship claim.

Beaudesert Showground landmark Frangipani mulched after boof stubbed idiot toe.

April 24, 2016

In the year 2001, in Edward St Beaudesert, shattered Leopardwood nuts from mowing entered next doors front yard and in retaliation, the hateful old chap had his former workmates from the Works Department demolish the footpath tree to ground level.

About the same time, a drongo stubbed his half-wit toe into the very prominent roots of a long established frangipani tree, a favoured shady spot at the showground. That huge tree was also arbitrarily destroyed, just like the one out front.

Wrote a few letters in protest but as Oscar Wilde observed, the letters to the Editor page served to remind him of the stupidity of the populace.

Huge, shady Beaudesert showground Frangipani removed after drongo stumbled on its roots.

Beaudesert Times: How she was writ in 2004 and them that was writ about.

April 17, 2016

Gleneagle Butcher, circa 2004Beaudesert Times, February 18, 2004.

You might be amused at the story’s characters and the lack of editing.

Yet to come across a more hilarious BT report than that of the Anglicans deliberately blown up mail-box and the effrontery of the parishioners. Especially distressing since recently, wait for it Laz and Gen, its sheer uniqueness had earned it seventh place in a letter-box competition.

At about that time, readers were elated to learn that Shire Council blue collar workers celebrated the coming festive season around a platter of meat pies.

Protected: Manager resigns: Another Kooralbyn R/E crook enters the scene.

February 23, 2016

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The Big Pumpkin will rip you off, but you won’t find pests like this one.

January 27, 2016


“Big Pumpkin,” apt tag for Beaudesert’s notorious rip-off proprietor.

The moment the words were uttered, the realization I had hexed myself was very strong; the chickens would soon come home to haunt me. Retribution came first from Woolworths Beaudesert, when their deceptive price marking had red grapes at $5.80 when real price was $7.98 doing me for two bucks. Boonah IG had reds at $2.99 but an excursion to that fair town wouldn’t have been practical without other tasks being undertaken. Over at Coles, Johanna uses similar tactics by placing expensive cuts of lamb near the cheaper off-cuts.

I had related my Big Pumpkin rip-off experiences to an acquaintance in which I stated how fixed price items are easy to keep track of at the checkout while loose items a greengrocers delight who bump the scale plate with the item and add a couple of bucks anyway. Beaudesert’s Big Pumpkin has two charming daughters well and truly versed in the art of deception with anecdotal goss has it that working for dad is mainly voluntary and real wages are pick-pocketed from careless customers. The street-smart young women are thus ready for the vagaries of life whatever opposition may face them.

BT 2/12/2015.

My appeal to this unpleasant creep that he quit pestering me have been futile. “I’m Father Christmas, the whole town loves me,” he replied to my request a few years ago that he desist. A professional ‘do-gooder’ he does the Rotary cause no good and pushes himself to an irritating, offensive degree.

“Having a bad day are we”? he’ll mutter as I pass without acknowledging him as I make my way to Aldi or Woolworths.

“Yer well, you’ll probably feel much better tomorrow.”

And so it goes until I’m out of hearing range.

The local weekly paper lauds him a hero so I must be out of touch. Shopping out of town has become a welcome distraction.

Meanwhile, back in Kooralbyn’s Countrytown Villas, a quasi Housing Commission precinct whose inhabitants, whether tenants or owners are, on the whole, more hateful than the average Australian, a foul procession of mental sickness has come and gone from the cytotoxic-friendly flat that attracts one-celled scunge, the latest object,Bill, moves outside at crow call where he lights up, then barfs uncontrollably and quite audibly, passionately expectorating pus into the foliage.

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