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Forgive Me My Stupidity…I’m Just A Victim Of The Wind’s Direction.

July 24, 2011

What about that deep thinking mass of Federal Labor blubber on The Insiders this day who peppered his insignificant opinions with worn-out and offensive cliches. Don’t know about you, but …blind Freddy was always on my inane shit list and ran into disfavor in the eighties.


Why does ABC TV strive to be as cheap as the commercials. Thirty year old experts telling the viewer to watch appallingly presented clap-trap. The useless, drawn-out prompting of the Australian female “journalist” covering the Norway incident on par with Nines coverage of Edelsten’s heavily landed helicopter where one expected the desperate presenter to ask if that was not a cockroach she sees staggering on the fuselage as if hurt .

The following block quote is an email sent to a friend after the prepared piece disappeared as it was about to go to screen.

Hope am not intruding by this constant writing. What’s occurring job-wise and all? Hope you’re dinkum about the tenants being cordial towards you. The fat cow continues to snigger as I pass, but both she and the next-door queen have given-up lighting mosquito coils because of the west winds negating their efforts to inconvenience me and taking the odor away. Mother queen Woodums had a mozzie burner on each veranda and cow had one. This hatred of me started with her taking offence at being asked to tone down phone screaming, “Get a life.” she advised me. Mother head-job Dale, next door queen and obviously friends with fat-stuff from the past, has been featured in most of my recent blog posts, took it badly when he realized I was not for manipulation; and so it goes. But there is much more to him than a piqued old queen who ignites mosquito coils to get square with a better.

I have to be cautious to whom I vent my concerns for fear of being taken as a demented and dangerous conspiracy theorist, and writing this note has given the idea to use XXXXX as my draft document file. Little has got to screen lately, and this is where the sniggering starts and has me baffled as to whom should I turn for help. Trust no one still holds top spot. Keeping your own counsel means retaining your dignity and excludes Labor trash learning more about you. Government created cretins ever ready to drag weak characters into their pit of hopelessness. Am finding the times are catching-up and a good smart-arse piece is getting harder to bring together. Will take-out a bit here, the enemy has enough to work on…the worked-on story had disappeared leaving, as a rule, the rest of the document intact. My files automatically ‘save’ every minute so the disappearance of a complete article, nearing publishing, is too coincidental.

This morning I was finishing a piece on the trials and tribulations of a fat and ugly old bastard with the traditional blank boofy features of a retard who is immediately assumed as needing alphabet assistance when it recurred. This time however, the entire file went to cyber heaven. The just described process by-passed for a quick whisking away of the whole blooming lot, leaving an incomplete word on an otherwise blank page to carry the document name.

Will run this email as a post to assist the saboteurs next move. Adversaries abound; a few come to mind. ‘Fuck me till I bleed’ Woodums claimed early on to have extensive IT expertise, yet it stopped at grey-scale advice. A snotty new in-law with wild claims couldn’t deliver either. Few can substantiate their self-scripted c.v’s.

I recently got around to inserting links into my blog-posts Norm, and pointed a few at a certain place you might have heard about. Every now and then I run I play ‘ call recall’ for ‘missed’ phone calls and one was there from John Smith which needless to say, wasn’t followed up.

Was sore at losing today’s effort. I can never replicate exactly and the twin very touchy points of one’s boofhead looks with its appeal to be taken seriously, and also justifying my ideas on particular conspiracy theories. But something must be working given that A Letter From…has had 40 stopped spam and Comment On Qld boasts 140 odd. Haven’t said much in this letter Norm, and I know a lot less could have been said about the writer. Hope you, Kath and the kids have good feelings.

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