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“GIVE THE MUGS A FIREWORK SHOW… they’ll forget in a week they’ve been screwed.”

January 31, 2011

The Courier Mail, and every TV organisation wish only to talk-up weather events and hope for the worst. 24 NEWS a huge disappointment, as morally bankrupt as the two commercial TV networks. Under this is a rejected CM letter. News Ltd. fear offending their George Street criminal compatriots who will be sharing plenty extra from the folding fallout even as we despair.
Governments must cop the consequence for the proliferation of dickheads. They could aim a series of their wasteful adverts explaining how thinking is not a subversion.

An enormous heap of Housing Commission maintenance cash is wastefully frittered on unnecessary cosmetic jobs simply to empty the pot to qualify for extra funds next disbursement .E.G. Vinyl floors with lots of life in them, replaced at great inconvenience and with toxic fumes besetting the inhabitants. Perfectly good toilets replaced with lower ones, obliging older people to buy over-commodes. Truckloads of unwanted bark dumped on top of residents plants, most of which is now gully fill as are loads of decomposed granite used to placate a H.C. winger for a private road and a $4000 cash payment, plus the paint, for a veranda paint job done only eleven months before. Stop this nonsense which must be happening in every H.C.jurisdiction, and do something different, use it wisely on flood areas.

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