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BEWARE THE GIFTS OF A QUEENSLAND LABOR GOVERNMENT…They can bring only more pestilence.

February 9, 2011

Gaming finds a man a dupe, and leaves him a knave

Remember when the TAB was expanding from basic each-way punting and gradually introduced the exotics? Our masters were tough but kind, like they didn’t really want the hoi polloi access to new pleasures they might not be able to handle, but punter’s money is the real thing, so it was done slowly, a dribble here, another sensation a month or so later. The Government of the day quite rightly I thought, had assessed the punter as a variety of masturbator, they of the instant gratification, a species that was soon to go bonkers with the introduction of gaming machines.

Goodness gracious me, it wasn’t all that long since Bjerke-Petersen had forbade pubs and the TAB from fraternising within a cooee call. New ways of losing cash, we laughed. And we went ahead and indulged. Well, I found a new way of zapping a posting to the cyber-land Jesus but have my words been savioured or savoured? I’ll never know.

Wiser to keep your silence in the company of dickheads.

When it first happened I, like the mouse, became immobilized as I watched the page fade and disappear. This time, with the stand-by wireless mouse handy, and the screen keyboard, I finished the sentence and prepared to shift the post to another word file when I inadvertently used the disabled keyboard’s control button in conjunction with the screen “v” and cactus! An irreplaceable literary masterpiece lost to posterity. I had given a detailed rundown of the weird assortment of crooks, arsonists, rapists, druggies, paederasts, mother-fuckers, drunks, fraudsters, stand-over merchants and other objectionable creatures within Housing Commission culture. A detailed examination of fellow tenants of this complex is next to be examined and some seem as perverted and repulsive as the formerly mentioned group.

Any eight year old could retrieve the lost material in a few seconds I know, but I am not he, so I limp along with my walking frame and share with my relatives and back friends a range of emotions of the writer from the mildly derisory to complete and utter sneering contempt; the price of being old and ugly, of being too complacent, too indifferent or my indelible revulsion of the herd stupidity too obvious.

Collective wisdom of individual ignorance is S.F.A.

We come now to a mock tenant’s union, formed to award tenures to Housing Commission party hacks for a lifetime of shafting work-mates and disrupting the daily life of well-principled tenants. The Qld. Labor Government funds this sham association and its unctuous concern is to actually mop-up any snippets of information that slipped the attention of a very slick fifth column. At its initialized expense, I gave it the acronym, B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. You could make your own amusement by fitting appropriate words to my jumped-up wordplay. These leeches at P.O. Box 658, Woodridge 4114, if you have dirt you think should complement my file and refer to this site. If you can’t invent gossip, get in touch with the writer as there is much, much more to the old bastard then meets the eye, you know.

Wise men follow their own direction

B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. held a meeting in Beaudesert on Wednesday, 20 May, 2009. I have nothing but revulsion for nonsense crap for the dickheads that we should care like this and was mildly interested at my exclusion from their mailing list. An outsider alerted me of its imminent happening at which I hoped to get a tenant representative’s opinion on my on-going health problems generated by up wind tenant’s cigarette smoke being swept into my flat by the prevailing easterlies. An unconcerned, negative staff moves favoured tenants on a whim, however I was advised, “Just get out,” an unchanged attitude. That was when I decided to stay the duration.

Tenant spokesperson Jean (sur-name will be dropped in if found) wasn’t interested in nicotine related questions, saying the topic was not in her agenda. Her main purpose as a rep. she declared, was to bring information to people like you on what is happening in the world as well as offer tips on economical electricity usage ergo reduce power charges. When an opposition electricity salesman did the rounds of H.C. precincts a week or so after this statement drumming-up trade, only a H.C. snitch would buy the ‘pure chance’ excuse. If she encouraged them to do this for a cut of the till, I’d like to see the C.M.C. take a look at the cogs behind the Housing scenery, i.e. if Anna allows this.

Wilde was right…Youth is wasted on the young.

Her words reflected those that immature and undisciplined Housing staff reserve for tenants appalled by the nanny attitude of barely literate nose-picking Station Road Frau Schicklgrubers. Evidence enough of the unofficial attitude of Housing staff, if not of all its ‘clients,’ then certainly of me, and confirmed the deal I had been copping for years from prejudiced staff was not imaginary. I don’t need a fool’s advice of the route into town. Mental evaluation tests although covered in another post, need a solid looking-at by civil rights aficionados in relation to people in my predicament who receive closet threats by Terry O stand-over merchants. I wait for the shit to hit me before I retaliate in earnest. The hate and bias of Housing staff in a peaceful, full country like ours leaves me flummoxed and I can only hope its origin can be attributed to a misunderstanding. Theirs is the mentality that does away with the Benjamin Franklins of the world.

Good people don’t heed or need the direction of dunces.

Lanarta Jean was aghast at my suggestion that smokers be accommodated in down-wind flats if not in remote separate down-wind buildings and away from pulmonary sufferers who must no longer tolerate ingesting toxins when the situation could be avoided. The Government would never allow this to happen, she avowed. Both ideas extremely offensive to smokers, she sternly advised me. There was not an iota of sympathy for the non-smoker despite the lessor being obliged to allow smoking providing there is no discomfort to fellow tenants. Garvens the protected RSL nut job has been removed, but his madness ruled in this place; attacked me on my veranda.

The police who usually cower to RSL demands laughed him off but not before they got my slant. Had I cctv evidence, I would have been spared police interference and a false vindictive accusation, I explained to the sham union person how I want to install this common, everyday crime preventive unit at my expense. This induced the same shock, horror reaction to my cigarette solution, that such an installation would be offensive to a potential bash artist.

I run out of comfortable editing space, so will post this. There is some Executive Building correspondence to show on this site. H.C. very cunning; their messages made verbally by party cadres. Am locating some interesting munition among a vast collection of recently unearthed material.

Best wishes, Les.

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