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Queensland Housing Department…and other George Street swill.

June 16, 2011

“Queensland Housing Commission…George Street sewer line.”

Victorian Toner-gate.

Nothing like that could come out of Queensland Housing and QBuild could it? I’ve been sprouting of misuse and wastage since year one. Read my older posts, laze and gen of the Qld. Labor stasi surveillance team. I know they pick-up lots of my stuff and I will retrieve tucked-away material if it helps dislodge Murphy and cohorts from their slippery perches. But having done that, crooks within the CMC would block even a cursory look. My knowledge will also be discredited and demeaned by George Street criminals down the activity chain to Beaudesert and who knows where else.

As an age pensioner living in a Government flat, I was oft assured by biased, one-eyed Queensland Government Housing clots of my non-person status by Terry O’Brien, Celeste Turner et al. It’s purely coincidental of course, but I’ve recently lost two stories, pulled from document files even as I worked on them. My alternative system will again be cracked, but until it is, I’ll carry on.

Now Iowa has a levee in danger of caving-in under flood water pressure, New Orléans fashion. I suppose excuses for preventable disasters will come from overpaid, bored experts while monies that could have been maintaining ageing structures were being siphoned off to reinforce the lifestyles of $1,000 a day criminals like we see in the septic end of George Street. As if addressing impressionable ten-year children, similar garbage from the Des Moines equivalent of the Curious Mail will excitedly print how these happenings are bi-centennially scheduled, but no-one told God, when the actuality is more like bi-decadent, hopefully a pun on how dumbed-down monkeys grovelling to petty authority, look away.

What about the female magistrate pleading for her job before a bunch of NSW confidence artists and thugs! A relative had died and a death threat sufficiently unhinged her judgement to denigrate the accused before her. Wonder what the cunt said? The offended ones were probably the same offensive, every-day obese phone-screaming spew like the no-hopers polluting our oxygen and olfactory bits who should have been allowed to die at birth. I could say she is no better than the criminals from whom she sought pardon but impromptu judgements sounds kangaroo and lead to shit like Hillhouse and Schoutens.

When I expose my experiences, thoughts and opinions to the world via this site, and continue to do so in spite of sibling admonishment and peer sneering, the very limited window opened to cryptic comment has also included kind words and encouragement and is appreciated and feeds the fire. Unfortunately, with hate and its follow-up actions, replying to mostly inane comments is time-consuming and is never followed through. Am thinking of dropping in a comment box, but could yank it just as quick. I know my life’s failures and don’t need constant reminding.

Till later, Les.

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