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Let The People Learn To Think For Themselves !!!

August 14, 2011

Was chided for yanking this post so with pressing ennui looming, will drop it back.

The turf war between the British Government and its coppers opens comparisons with this country, innet like? As with medicine, the real solutions are brought about by considerate rational thinkers, ie the Morcombe case, at back of shop, while ignorant, blase party kids at the counter fuck it up, witness cocky young doctors and pushy cops.

A radio broadcaster is hounded for revealing details of sexual predators and Bligh’s disingenuous dogs are sent en masse, to manipulate my silence on QBuild and Housing tricks to pull me into line. As unpleasant this precinct was when I moved-in, I’d like to see some semblance of a return. Meant for over 55’s, kids scream around now, Housing-encouraged hate and criminal deeds not unusual either. Spite rules and a nicotine/toxic-free flat a novelty. Queensland Labor Party mobilizes its thugs to bring me into line. Do federal journalists cover Qld politics and if they do, can they explain QBuild’s cavalier attitude of bucketing money out like drunken sailors

I find that frequent reassurances to the world of my harmlessness just don’t work; that I decamped from primary school before completing the year should appease my detractors is not enough to call-off the hounds, and using manners on Housing cows is regarded by them as a stupidity worthy of ridicule.

This preamble started as a precis to a piece on Bligh’s untouchable, gung-ho Woodridge Housing criminals now comes with a disclaimer stating the events weren’t generated from the Queensland Government flat precinct at 220-226 Brisbane Street, Beaudesert, Names used are fictitious with no connection to people alive or dead.

It was apt that Mother Dale Woodums should take his toys for a holiday on the full moon, a time when most of his peculiarities are vividly high-lighted.

Mother, as did his apparatchik pals, underestimated the level-headiness of their latest mark and his fading usefulness as a Queensland stasi operator instigated the move to easier targets.

Operatives like the nanny-state queen are used by a vendetta group within Queensland Housing’s fifth column element who seek the removal of, or failing that eventuality, causing as much discomfort as possible to those tenants whose opinions on democracy and civil freedoms are at variance with own interest criminals like Charmiane S. a fabricating, trouble-maker whose indiscriminate activities are Government sanctioned and handled now, if my gen is half correct, by equally diseased nose-picker, Kymberlee who in turn, recruits frightened and obedient little shop girls, a la Celeste T. who might learn one day the intellectual benefits of forming one’s own opinions.

The fore-mentioned are of the genre that foul Federal Labor trash Craig Thompson hope to demean by obligating a response from far more decent entities or in my case, an individual, than they could ever attain. The inept Woodridge Housing dross, if they have to nanny-state tenants, could start with dumb bastards who kill their own by fire rather than hounding law-abiding old people. Corrupt Hillhouse crap could never, in a thousand life-times, garner the capacity to learn or earn respect enough to sniff my back hole. Consulting with this vermin would be like complaining to the Bishop about homosexuality while the curate has his hands down your shorts.

Their antics, especially the encouragement of mobile phone morans have been the subject of many of the writer’s posts and are representative of an ignored or widespread accepted rot by bureaucrats whose nurturing in Labor Party gangsterism sees bullying as part of being a contrite tenant. My opinions on Heede, a lazy, blubbery Judy Moran look-alike have been aired. As foul a “woman” as her namesake with no noticeable graces, preceded Woodum’s move from Merrimac by five or six months.

With flat 11 becoming vacant again after a couple of months tenancy, the most wasteful of Queensland agencies, QBuild, can spend thousands on unnecessary paint and “repair” jobs, further complicating my toxin sensitivity problems and use full strength paint contrary to provisions. In the duration, Dunghouse and company will sift tenancy applications for an active pedophile criminal, cigarette-smoking recidivist and habitual drunk to ensure the discomfort of others and especially of me.

The protagonists of this post should be reminded often of their minor p.s. status and let non-fifth columnists live in peace. Be ‘appy, Les.

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