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Going To See Jesus…a la N. Q. Those of us who are about to die!

December 7, 2011


In Queensland, we’ve got a lot of “great blokes” and “good guys.” All dead and all beaut Aussie battlers, and much loved, of course, “Never hurt nobody.” Pig’s arse! In North Queensland, as in the N.T. they’re tagged larrikins whose idiotic, drunken ego earned a premature despatch to Jesus. Witness the latest recipient of the wanker superlatives. To date, the drunk who fell prey to a “marine animal,” and here we mustn’t remind connections how a crocodile mauls its catch, has been only gently honoured by the mildest of glowing terms but standby, this lapse will be atoned by tonight’s news when praise will thicken. Bah…This must be humbug season.


The under quote was used by a major Australian news-site Monday last.

With Australian officialdom seeking to gee-up the peasantry by creating new martyrs at any opportunity, today’s arrival from Indonesia of a protected young criminal should fit the bill. This hoodlum’s “gruelling ordeal” started with  contempt of his host country’s laws and was given a token sentence when the six years on offer was appropriate. Shame on Indonesia.

Lots of love, Les.

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