July 22, 2010

In a long life of over 70 years, I have no criminal form which means I was too cautious to let a copper see me taking a youthful leak in a secluded spot. It also indicates I don’t fly off the handle easily; that I possess common-sense enough to hold my tongue. A year ago I defended my life from an attack by a neighbour wielding a pick handle and during the subsequent police investigation to the disturbance, again defended my liberty against these same police who lamented being unable to charge me.

I noted to the two investigating police at the time how oldies should have learnt to cope with their demons by this late stage of life. The junior cop who returned with the news of my exoneration told me I should grow up and not let little things get to me. He was aping my words of course, but had forgotten already where he heard them and was making the old fool aware of his astonishing youthful wisdom.

I was pulled over for a minor speed offence recently and during the hour-long booking procedure, was asked four times if I had good reason for exceeding the limit. I felt menaced. This fellow was trying to goad me into making a smart-arse retort which would make his job happier if he could cuff me. My twice made remark that inventing stories wouldn’t help and that I was overdue for a pinch in 30 years of incident-free driving. The frequent return walks to his car to check a clean licence and a spotless crime history suggested that his training comes from American and NZ police pursuit TV shows and that ACADEMY training, to Queensland Police, means 3rd rate movies.

I remind people who are rapt in this discourse that Beaudesert is adjacent the notorious, scandal ridden Gold Coast police district, famous for its heavy handiness and police thuggery. The local police feed small bits of tittle to the boutique bush paper for filler use and the Beaudesert Times added a few years to my age and placed the incident at a nearby convalescent home. The event became a dodderer’s tiff, which I suppose it was. One would hope this police slackness is not typical court procedure. If it is, the land is full of shattered lives and hateful innocents harboring anti-police grudges.

It is not at all hard to understand why innocent people feel threatened and react as they do after being goaded and harassed by nasty people whose only real example of smartness was the career choice which satisfied their megalomania. Ignorance is curable; stupidity is forever.

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