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WHY HONOUR BLIGH… have we run out of decent people?

March 25, 2011

Drop into your search bar and discover the extent of Queensland Labor’s maniacal preoccupation for seeking information.

Of the NLP Opposition: Ignorance Is Curable, Stupidity Is Forever.

“It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not.”
André Gide
The above address is self-explanatory, as is their too-generous advertising indulgence. I contacted that department for two reasons. An on-going problem about the neighbour’s spent cigarette smoke fouling my body and my linen and secondly; a Saturday punt at the Beaudesert Hotel was eventually forsaken to the increasingly infested stench after Friday evening’s open-slather, anything goes disco, which could never be adequately tarted-up by Saturday opening time, even if management cared.

Beaudesert Hotel’s court-yard became its smoking area, dead-set in the middle of the premises and whatever the wind direction, so placed were hallways and the general interior layout that the noxious pestilence of spent cigarette smoke pervaded all spaces at any time, but that came about only after the stiffer pub & club by-laws were introduced. The door to the smoke area swings ajar to allow unfettered staff access, an obvious infringement that was surpassed when management ennui and a lot of cunning led to the entrance between the gaming room and smoking left wide open.

Stuff you, you don’t count, you’re in the minority.

My very last clipped visit to this establishment invoked the comment to a ‘manager’ that with such arrogance and open contempt being practiced on mature and sober customers, the long-held revulsion to dobbing-in should be put to one side. ” Go for your life,” I was invited, ” We just tell them the air-conditioner is busted.” He knew the ropes this one. I explained my mission to the woman on the other end of the Health line who wished me good luck and sent a manilla envelope stacked with quit smoking material.

The controversial Premier is typical of her day, vacuous and manipulative, surrounded by committed sycophants well steeped in their own illusory superiority and determined to be among the rulers but knowing nothing of current affairs. Can’t read, can’t spell. The Palin Principle of accepting stupidity as part of Queensland democracy, and the tragedy being that most of the electorate buy the package and her endorsement of a newspaper backed bridge run is proof positive that they are easily and cheaply bought.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”
— Albert Einstein

A recent TV doco. had King Alfred telling an inept adviser to be off and don’t come back until he had studied wisdom. Comparisons were made during the program to indicate how society has regressed in some ways in the thousand year interim. Queensland’s semi-literate Premier Bligh courts non-thinkers, by far the majority of the electorate by colluding with to promote bridge runs and firework shows, while loading big money where it counts. The Murdoch group hasn’t wavered from Qld Labor, so her next election success is writ large.

Do Bligh’s bludgers ever watch the evening news or do their Friday nights start with a mass exodus from the Executive building with a taxi ride to the Valley for a few lines and a belly-full of piss? A return of investigative reporting ought to reveal the percentage of employees caught with the needle in the arm after compulsory drug and grog tests.

I have in mind spiteful decisions affecting individuals and my eight year pariah treatment for seeking a fair hearing of my cigarette smoke complaints. Should they happen upon a tenancy provision hand-book and read it, they will find a tenant distressed by such toxins must have his well-being addressed..

Keeping in mind developments in State politics, will sign-off with a winning hand exclamation from my youthful poker-playing days and uttered as the pot was scooped up: “After the Lord Mayor comes the shit cart.” All the best, Les Johns.

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