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A Letter To An American Blog-site.

November 4, 2011

I am aging, meaning in Queensland Government speak, my opinions and feelings are horse-shit and always have been, a one-celled ignorant cretin who abruptly got the message. In conflict with biased Queensland Housing staff for wanting controls on cigarette smoke drift into downwind flats, and a consideration for public housing tenants beset by ignorant cell-phone users. My blog-site was set up as a hobby, an inoffensive, quiet and unobtrusive toy, mainly to compliment the brain exercising that crosswords offer.  It soon became a shaky soap-box of sorts, ready to be kicked from under me at any moment, my sparse  audience absent from the Let Les Johns Be Free rally to attend Brisbane’s March For  Democratic Rights.

Queensland Labor Governments usually ignore and dismiss the opinions of a pipsqueak individual, but Labor’s reborn paranoia, with its updated tapping equipment, spook chasing has expanded into a vast stasi-like organization with snooping cadres recording comments for future use, as common-place as traffic cops bobbing-up in the most unlikeliest of places. After my hand-written letter to a relevant Government minister was given the flick, I learned enough about computers, as I did about the crooked cogs within bureaucracy to irritate these devious, holier than thou confidence tricksters, frauds  who have all the forces imaginable to have their demands obeyed.

Stand-over relics of Queensland’s Special Squad made unexpected and unsettling visits to my flat explaining I am to cease public ridicule of two protagonists, encouraged to release toxin at will. It is my fired-up imagination that three lit mosquito coils on a spring day is to annoy me, considering their use is unnecessary mid summer. Too close to the truth, it seems! A thinker of the old order didn’t need  Hemingway’s famous shit-detector, which is in fact a natural prescience, to ascertain that these two working in tandem, are Judas tenants, planted and especially honed to create self-doubt in a stubborn tenant who the authorities want removed but who won’t budge. I am that person of course. A police officer called and insisted I take an immediate rest.  This is censorship, a la Bligh Queensland Government and it says a lot about how a Government so reviled and despised with half its Cabinet under suspicion for deception and thuggery has repeatedly won the polls for 15 years.

Without engaging the shit detector, I foresee an immediate and dramatic reduction in my driving skills coming up. My wordpress site, if OK. is  or

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