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July 26, 2010

Watch it Kev! The rodents should start their intense smear campaign about now.

A decent person has inbuilt ethics. If this farcical Chief Minister of the Puppetry had the whiff of even the doppelgänger of one, she would have instinctively and immediately removed herself from the company of assassins. The dissipated simian should lead the next Government.

Last night’s show of the worms is evidence enough that most Australians are dummies; dumbed-down Yes people who don’t know what they don’t know and they have no idea the lobotomic removal of their faculty of common sense is almost complete, totally choreographed by our bloated bureaucrat who sends the masses to foreign places to defend their most treasured possession…their ignorance.

Naturally I listened to news reports this morning on last nights contrived “debate,” an event so important that its schedule was adjusted to suit a most banal crap show. As an aside, have you noticed how any queen who can knock-up a cup of coffee becomes a TV foodie chef?

An early Australian theatre entertainer named Melba famously advised a touring singer when asked what material should be included in her repertoire replied,” Just sling ’em muck.” That became the template for the confidence tricksters who would be our legislators.

Distract the wankers with stupid non-issues, one of which is this estimated population thirty years hence nonsense. If the Chinese took it upon themselves, they could easily transplant 50 million of their own around this country in two years, so population scare-mongers, have a cup of Chinese tea. Only for thinking, considerate people.

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