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Kooralbyn: In Wright, any opinion other than that of the Liberals is wrong.

August 16, 2014

How rare must be the few who go through life and at the end of it claim to have made one true and trusted friend. Am wondering if I’ve found the genesis of one in the guise of Madge. Maisie or Madge, whichever fictitious name the present Australian PM choose to use on the day as a variation of the perceived wisdom of taxi-drivers, used to espouse his politics. That they got a sadist PM who enjoys inflicting pain on all of his constituents so as not to miss hurting a Labor voter, is moot point, as is said, but hereby lays a dilemma; to trust an IGA contact or not. I’ll just keep the shit detector tuned.

In the few brief moments the right-leaning Madge and I had before another customer interrupted our deep and earnest conversations, as many topics as possible were covered in a minute or so and one tended to over-talk the other for the last word. In the nicest way, Madge referred to my opinionated stance. I could live with ‘conceitedly assertive,’ which the dictionary said of the opinionated, but having played the pacifist too often, sand in face had become irksome.

Had she felt compelled to use SELF-opinionated however, I might have given in to gloom for a minute or two, and who could blame me. The PC dictionary describes such a person as, ‘having an arrogantly high regard for one’s own opinion.’ That would make me Australian Federal Liberal material and clearly, those who know me would have disowned me for pretentiousness had I assumed a role in the Ruling Class.

About that time, my disenchantment of the perjurer, Murdoch for his adoration and backing of the Australian Liberal Party and the flouting of his criminal staffers led me to quit buying his morning product and my IGA visits diminished and with them those earnest confabs. On an annual basis, that $10 a week spent on newspapers comes to $520 which could have got a basic pc, so I’ve spread some small joy to others and joined tens of thousands others in denying the corrupt News Ltd circulation numbers.



Murdoch agrees with Bligh… ” Keep them dumb.”

August 12, 2011

The fearless Bowen Hills newspaper “guys” really do fear an old bastard who poses sensitive questions of George Street pox. The under quote was shunned by nicotine advocate, dissenter-hater and Bligh apologist and closet Goebbelist , Paul Syvret, from use in the CM letters column on Bligh’s call that the electorate should be ‘appy. A variation of the feed them bullshit dictum.

She doesn’t fear losing the election, No fear, because she can’t. Her oligarchy works in partner-ship with a diminishing but still effective Bowen Hills clique, sharing political and mind dominance of brain-washed Queenslanders, whose allegiance is easily bought with bridge runs and fire-work shows. Why would a newsreader reassure viewers that drunken “men” taunting a bull, that none of them was seriously injured when I, and hopefully others, wished for a retribution by way of gored guts? A decent man is jailed for publicizing details of child molesters while Governments waste billions by encouraging limited ability morons to punch lazy, fat fingers at mobile phones into which inanities and stupidity is screamed. A George Street Chief of Staff warns me to stop complaining of 24 hour cigarette smoke drift entering my Government flat because the use of the toxin, nicotine is not illegal. His chastisement of my incorrect addressing of Crown Minister was his only problem and occupied two lines. Bludgers driving from Aratula for free food handouts appall me. Government endorsed stupidity depresses me too, Premier. Encourage the people to think for themselves.

Cheers everyone, Les.

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