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March 26, 2011

In fond memory of an agreeable Lady. Comment reprinted from September 7, 2010.

She had to contend with thrice the number of crooks Queensland has in Housing and Bligh is part of the joke.

The NSW Keneally girl is a real sweetie and cops too much unwarranted flack for former colleague’s stuff-ups. The unfortunate patsie has been at the helm for only five minutes and has earned her soon to be accessed retirement hand-outs. Her marriage into Australian literary royalty justifies the mention of an earlier Australian writer whose strong and compelling novel, POWER WITHOUT GLORY explored every criminal facet that explains the Courier-Mail’s heritage and Government corruption of the early 1900s; could do with an airing where its present replication would gob-smack Frank Hardy, such is the smug acceptance and laissez-faire of Executive crime. The Queensland Premier-looter, on the other hand, has had a decade of plundering and authoring deals with another high-profile corporate criminal with whom she toured the USA and became enamored with Arizona’s pedestrian pull-over laws.

Australians, and Queenslanders in particular, have been trained to adore its openly crooked Cabinet gangsters and copy-cat Mafia crims, public identities who are acknowledged dead-set criminal bash-artists and stand-over merchants. The Courier-Mail supports Labor by talking-up and idolizing past shit like Tom Burns at whom we chuckled for his boating mishaps. He was, ha-ha-ha, a local lovable larrikin and we loved him so.

From his executive desk, a favorite threat to the resolute obstinate who sought a fair go was the warning, “You are always under watch.” The suck-hole tabloid still devote millions of fawning words to arse-holes who should slowly die an up-side down Crucifixion. If justice is to prevail in this State, the George Street Looters Executive Building must lay in ruins surrounded by well-used and bloodied nooses. Voltaire observed that democracy peppered with the occasional assassination might well be a good thing.

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